What 17 Tools do Hacker Use Against Home Owners?

No matter how prepared you are for preventing thief, the burglar can easily enter your home. Because they are more trained-up than you and have some special tools. Though some of the tools are very simple, they know well how to operate them perfectly. It will be easy to track the hacker if you are concerned What tools do hacker use against home owners?

Actually, burglary is one of the things that most of the time, people can’t understand instantly that something is happening to them. But when they realize it can be a shocking experience for them.

Understanding all the potential paths that bulgar can use to enter your home will make you more conscious about the place that has to do more secure.

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So want to know about what path are burglar can use to enter your home and what tools they use?

To help you keep your home safe, I have discussed all the essential things completely that you must know. Just stay with first to last.

17 tools do hacker use against home owners:

Almost any items a thief can use for entering a home if he/she is trained up properly on how to use them. Even they can use your home’s tools to perform their task. However, here are some common tools that can use by a burglar:

  1. Picklock
  2. Crow
  3. Key-bit
  4. Crowbar
  5. Screwdriver
  6. Vise grip plier
  7. Water-pump plier
  8. Slide-hammer
  9. Slim Jim
  10. Dog treats
  11. Tension bar
  12. Lock pick gun
  13. Tubular lock pick
  14. Bump key
  15. Floor-safe door puller
  16. Master key
  17. Ceramic or porcelain spark plug chips or pieces
What tools do i need for home inspection job
What tools do i need for home inspection job

How to enter a burglar into your home:

Front door:

Most of us think the burglar is not brazen enough to enter into the home by the front door. But, this is really a misunderstanding about the burglar. Entering by the front door of a home is one of the most common processes for thieves.

However, the regular thief exactly knows where to search for a spare key, which you have put in a hidden place. And, if the thieve can know anyhow you are not at home, the thief will just try to break it by hitting on the door or detach it from the hinges.

There is research that shows that 40% of break-ins involve forced entry, while 32% of the thief entered through an unlocked door.


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The windows and doors are the primary sources of entering a home for a burglar. Although many homeowners think this is a safeguard against thieving, it may not be able to protect from stealing in reality. Many windows may have weak functionality to protect the home, and it would be easy to break.

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The cheapest windows have a very simple lock that is easy to unlock to a burglar, and provably it may provide very low sound during the breaking. That means when the burglar tries to break the lock of the window, there is no sound you will hear. So, it’s easy for a burglar to get into the home.

Shrubs and Trees:

The shrubs can keep the burglar away from someone to see, and some trees can make easy access to get into the home, especially if the tree is situated very close to the house. Tall trees or even something like that which is beside the home can provide a direct path for entering the home.

 To prevent any unexpected situation, prune and trimmed all the trees and shrubs. In the same way, keep all the decorative away, which is climbable. It also prevents the burglar get into the home.

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Secondary Doors:

Although the front door is the first choice for the burglar, they can try all the alternatives to search for the easiest way. It can side doors, garage doors, skylights and etc. Don’t ignore any entry, or don’t keep-unlock any doors or windows because the thief can take advantage of them.


Yes, a tall fence can increase the risk of stealing. A burglar may climb up the fence and enter the yard of the house, which is the first step of stealing—if the fence is situated in such an area that is out of view from the street or neighbor, then having a chance you are making a shelter for a burglar.

how to protect your home from burglary:

A burglar won’t find your home for easy access if the home is secured properly. So, be conscious of your home security and don’t make it an easy mark for thieving. If crime prevention is your first priority, then you must have some extra consideration about your home.

Here are some ways you can consider increasing your home security:

Home security system:

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A home security system is a “set” of electronic components that work together to guard your home. It works with a security camera, multiple sensors, a siren, a keypad, a panic button, and other tools. And, allows you to make full security for your home.

Pet a dog:

Though there is a debate about whether a dog can prevent a burglar, I believe a barking dog can intimidate a burglar. I think a barking dog is great for scaring a potential burglar.

Secure windows:

When it comes to entering into a home to steal something, a burglar’s first priority may be windows because it is harder for the home-owner to catch the burglar and is easy for the burglar to shirk. There are many cheap windows that homeowners are using. Actually, these cheap windows can have very fewer security features, and it may be easy for thieves to break their glass and lock. So if you want to keep your home safe, you have to make sure you are using secured windows.

Use motion lights:

When a burglar is present in your home, the motion lights will alert anyone in the home and neighbors. It is very effective to scare a burglar.

Smart locks:

Using a smart lock in the home is much better than using a deadbolt. You can manage the lock remotely with a smartphone app. And, it ensures you whether you have locked your door or not. Also, you can get notifications when someone enters your code.

Doorbell camera:

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You can also use a doorbell camera to see who is at your home door. A small camera is mounted on the doorbell, and it provides a video that you can see from anywhere. Also, it will notify you when there is a motion or unusual activity.

What Tools do Hacker Use Against Home Owners
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Final world:

These are only a few examples of attacks that hackers use against homeowners. By being aware of these tools and techniques, you can better protect yourself from becoming a victim of a home invasion. If you have any questions about your home security, contact your local law enforcement or visit the National Crime Prevention website for more resources.

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