How to Season a Flat Top Grill: Effective Methods to Season

Are you a beginner in grilling? Want to get an idea of which one would be better? You can ever go to the big gun and ask someone to start. 

Most of them will direct you to gas grills to start up. For outdoor grilling, I would like to start up with flat top grills. Also, it’s essential to keep concentration on how to season a flat top grill.

However, a flat top griddle is an excellent option for cooking dishes, rear doors, and everything in between. However, to hold your workstation in perfect working condition, flat-top grills must be seasoned. This manner can extend the life of your grill and preserve the taste for any ultimate nibble.

How to Season a Flat Top Grill :

It is important to season your flat top grill but what is the procedure. Let’s find out below.

Before preparing the griddle for the next cuisine time, understanding the seasoning may help. The word seasoning indicates the process of making butter on a flat surface. Fried oil serves as a non-scratch as well as a non-stick coating.

Also, the seasoning of a top flat griddle can add more flavor to your food. The taste of your pot can help improve stamina and improve your cooking skills. The process is easy, and you can expand your brewhouse in minutes.

Seasoning Your Flat Top Grill:

Things You Require:

Before starting your experience with seasoning the grill, ensure that you have all the parts and accessories at your disposal. Let’s check it out!

  1. Paper Towels
  2. A container full of water
  3. Tongs
  4. Heat-resistant gloves
  5. Stick
  6. Soap powder
  7. Salt

Cleaning with Foam Soap:

When the flat top griddle is ready for a beautiful kitchen, you need to clean them with soap. In fact, it is done only to exclude debris or dust from production and transportation.

However, this baby is pretty easy to clean. Load a container with water and mix a little detergent. Smoothly splash soapy water into the iron and then wash with fresh water.

Warm-up and Darken!

As soon as your grill is quite clean, it’s time to warm it up and darken! Here we turn the top of the grill into a blackened and duct-resistant hob.

So please switch on the stove and let it flow. After 12 to 15 minutes, you will see that the top of the griddle begins to brown. As soon as you see a color change, switch off the stoves and go for the next step.

Apply It with Oil :

When you try the griddle, you have to produce a naturally vibrating surface that is amazingly strong. What you really do is burn organic compounds in the oil and leave the polymer on a top flat grill. 

The only secret to keep in mind is to use only one thin oil layer for each film. A deep layer of oil throughout the seasoning process will further grind and accumulate sticky dirt on the baking sheet. 

So don’t worry about which oil you will use. Choose one of these oils and just keep in mind ‘multiple thin layers’.

  1. Olive Oil
  2. Vegetable Oil
  3. Flax Oil
  4. Canola Oil
  5. Shortening

Utilize the paper towels for distributing oil on the surface evenly. Use heat-resistant tweezers or gloves to evade you from burning. 

Ensure that there are no full oil plashes or dry patches. Now utilize a paper towel as if you are striving to wipe all the oil off the grill. It would be best if the oil layer were so thin.


Now turn on the fire and sit back in the chair as you see the grill turn black. The grill swells with smog. People also call it the ‘smoke point’.

Now relax, sit down and see how the smoke passes. When all the smog has disappeared, you can turn off your grill.

A Moment for A Few More Rounds!

As in the case of boxing, it is difficult to defeat a rival in the first round. A similar thing happens for the top flat grill and the pressure between oil and steel. To cook the best non-stick, tasty surface worthy of your dishes, you must replicate the seasoning.

So, you have to be patient and count it. Retake the oil, place on a griddle and watch the hot smoked festival again.  It would help if you stopped when the griddle turns dark brown and lasts about 2-3 times. 

Last Scents

After you have ended 3-4 rounds of seasoning, allow the grill to cool down somewhat. Then wipe it with the last layer of a softening or non-stick spray. In fact, it guards your griddle against oxidation.

Finally, you are done, and your grill is seasoned perfectly! Ensure that your griddle stands the test of time with its durable coating. However, it is weather-resistant and prevents rust.

Clean Your Flat Top Griddle Up:

Along with seasoning, you also have to be conscious about the cleaning process. Here I am going to mention some. Let’s enjoy it!

How to Clean a Flat Top Grill That Has Rust?

You must follow a safe, secure, and quick way to remove and clean rust before re-seasoning. If you leave the grill elements outside, rust will form on the stainless steel parts over time.

In fact, rust can damage flat plates. You will need a wonderful stone friend of the bartender, dense scrub, and water.

Effective rust removal from steel surfaces on the grill requires only three things. Spatter pumice on your rusty tray, add some water, and do it with a cleaning pad on the tray.

The strength of pumice with a cleaning pad can work wonderfully against rust. About one or two minutes later, your tray will be free from rust.

After processing the pumice in steel, rub it with a clean towel. Again rub with a damp paper towel. However, the rust has gone and ready for a fire!

That’s all about how to season a flat top grill. Happy cooking!

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