How To Open a Coconut Without Any Tools at Home

How To Open a Coconut Without Any Tools at Home? ( 6 unique method)

Coconut is a portion of delicious food and also a source of multiple vitamins and minerals. In the kitchen, coconut provides great value to the food, and in the wild, it provides energy for survival as well.

If you purchase a coconut from a store, most probably, you will get it ripped out of the husk and prepared for eating.

But what if it is not bought from any store or found it somewhere else? Then, how to open it?

Need help on how to open a coconut without using any tools at home?

Okay, In this post, I am going to help you do this most easily and effectively. Moreover, discussing all the alternative ways on how to do this at home and outdoors. Just follow the instructions carefully.

How to open a coconut without any tools at home?

Open a coconut without using any tools will be very tough if you don’t know the exact process. They’re one of the most challenging parts is peel off the husk from its surface, which takes huge energy. So, here are the steps that take less energy to crack the coconut at home.

Shake the coconut:

Before going to start the process, shake the coconut thoroughly to understand whether it is good or rotten. If you feel that the coconut is not sloshing during the shaking, you can be sure that either it is fully chock or completely empty. So before going to further step, make sure you are confirmed about the coconut is good enough.

Keep the coconut on the strong place:

Now, the first thing you have to do is keep the coconut’s fatter edge in a strong place so that after hitting, the place couldn’t be blemished. However, you must keep the coconut in such a way that it can’t be able to move around after getting shifting.

Note: understand the edge of the coconut. There is one edge fatter, and another is narrow.

Hit on the coconut through a heavy thing:

After sitting the coconut properly in a strong place and being sure that it doesn’t move after hitting, you have to hit on the coconut’s fatter edge. Hit on the edge until the fibres are weak.

 You can hit on it through heavy things like a big rock or something like that.

Hitting on the fatter edge makes the coconut fibres weak and allows you to peel off the fibres.

However, if you use a small rock for hitting the coconut, the fibre wouldn’t be broken.

Peel off the fibers after softening:

When fibers or husk is weaken after smashing, now it’s time to peel off the fibers. During the smashing, when you see a busted line is growing up on the fiber, then you can try to peel off. If you feel that it is easy for you with less energy, you can continue peeling off. Otherwise, hit on the coconut again.

Find a sharp thing to hurt the coconut:

Now, you have to find a sharp edge heavy thing to hurt the coconut. To break the coconut in proper round-shaped, find out three dots on the coconut mouth. On the coconut mouth, you will be found three dots that one of them is too big compared to the others.

Look at the two small dots thoroughly and try to find out a hard ridge-line and follow them. These two ridge-line make you stop in the middle of the coconut’s surface that we are looking for.

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Smack the coconut:

After finding the ridge-line, its time to set the coconut in such a positioned that you can smack on it by the heavy sharp thing (like heavy rock or something like that). Smack the coconut thoroughly at the same time, prepared for keeping the coconut’s water.

Verdicts :

If you want to collect the coconut water for drinking, it would be a good idea to arrange something before starting the task. However, before drinking this water, make sure it is clean and drinkable.

You Are Done!

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