Best tools for cutting hair

Best tools for cutting hair at home

The recent corona outbreak has forced everyone to stay in their houses. While everyone is trying their best to adapt to this awkward and unique situation, there are still some things that need professional care.

Cutting hair is one of them, and you need tools for thinning hair. But the question is, what are the best tools for cutting hair at home?

Not trimming your hair routinely can ruin your appearance. You can argue that we have to stay at home anyways and what is the point of cutting hair. It is not like anyone is watching us.

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While it is true that no one observes us in our house, having long-hair can cause other problems like overheating and disturbance as well.

As you can see, no matter if you stay at home all the time, your hair still needs to be cut frequently. In this article, we’ll show you the best tools that you can use to cut your hair at home.

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Best tools for cutting hair at home:

These are the best tools that you can use to cut your hair at home. You can use the tools we have mentioned in this article to cut hair yourself too.

So do not worry if you have no one around to help you in shaping your hair. Continue reading to know all about these tools.

1.Hair-cutting scissors:

Shears or scissors are the most common tools people have been using to cut hair for a long time. Scissors are an essential tool for thinning hair.

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No matter how far technology has come in this regard, a good hairstylist always prefers to use hair-cutting scissors along with the other instruments.

But do not go rushing and grab your kitchen scissors for cutting your hair. While kitchen scissors and hair-scissors may look identical, they are quite different from each other.

Haircutting scissors are made to fit the hands of a stylist perfectly. Standard hair-cutting scissors are 5-7 inches long and have an edge that works as a pinky resting spot.

Modern hair-cutting shears have a design that limits the amount of stress one puts on his hand, shoulders, and fingers while cutting.

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 The critical difference between a kitchen scissor and a hair-cutting scissor is its sharpness. Hait-cutting shears are very sharp.

This sharpness helps them to cut through your hair correctly without bending them or breaking them in the process.

Tips for cutting your hair with a scissor:

  1. Make sure to cut your hair using one blade of the scissor.
  2. Move your thumb and pinky for better control in moving the blade.
  3. Use a comb while cutting.
  4. Shampooing beforehand helps in cutting by making them smoother.
  5. Have a bright light source around while cutting.
  6. Thinning scissors

While hair-cutting scissors are used for cutting hair, the thinning scissors can also cut hair, but it functions a bit differently compared to regular shears. Thinning scissors also looks different than regular scissors.

These scissors have teeth sticking out of the blades instead of a plain surface. You can find thinning-shears with teeth on one side or both sides.

2. Thinning-shears :

You can use this scissor for cutting hair, but it does not cut straight through your hair like regular scissors. The teeth on its blade are used for thinning or reducing the density of your hair.

 With the correct cutting method, you can also use this scissor to increase your hair volume and straighten your hair. People use it mostly for styling purposes.

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A thinning scissor’s quality can vary based on how many teeth it has, the space between the teeth, and are teeth available on one side or both sides.

Tips for using thinning scissors:

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  1. Make sure to have dry hair before using a thinning scissor.
  2. Do not push the scissors too much into the hair.
  3. Try cutting in short amounts from each side to maintain balance.
  4. Use your hands to check the density frequently while cutting.
  5. It is better to use thinning scissors with one-sided teeth.

3. Razor:

We all know what a razor is, right? We also know what purpose it serves in cutting hair. Usually, people use a razor for shaving the beard or shaping the hair lines.

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Though commonly used for shaving or shaping hair lines, you can cut your hair with a razor too. Stylists use a razor to give your hair a more natural look.

Razors can make clean cuts, but generally, it leaves a rough cut. This style of cutting helps to give your hair a more natural look.


You can also cut with hair using a razor and a comb. But we do not recommend doing so. First, cut your hair with a hair-cutting shear and then use a razor only to give the finishing touches to your hair.

Nowadays, you can find razor combs that are more comfortable to use and gives you more control overall.

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Tips for using a razor:

  1. Use a razor only to put finishing touches after cutting your hair with a hair-cutting scissor.
  2. Use a comb for better control over your cuts.
  3. For the best results, you can use a razor-comb.
  4. Be extra cautious while using a razor cause you can easily cut yourself in the process.
  5. It is better not to use a razor on curly hair.
  6. Use your razor at a 45° angle for the best results. Having your razor too flat or too straight can damage your hair.

5. A hair-clipper :

Hair-clipper is a modern solution for cutting hair. It mostly works like a hair-cutting scissor, but the process of cutting is automated.

A clipper has two blades that continuously move to cut your hair, and the whole cutting process being automated reduces the stress while cutting.

Previously we mentioned that all the hair-stylists use scissors, and this is another tool everyone uses nowadays.

 A hair-clipper is so popular nowadays because you can create styles that you can not do using only scissors.

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Tips for using hair-clipper:

  1. Connect the power cable properly before cutting.
  2. Attach the correct clip for getting the perfect sized hair.
  3. Carefully make cuts, or else you may end up cutting too much hair off of your head.


The four best tools for cutting hair at home are Hair-cutting scissors, Thinning scissors, Razor, and Hair-clipper. All these tools work together to give you the best looking haircut that you desire.

Firstly, start cutting your hair with a hair-clipper to shorten the long-hair. Then use a hair-cutting scissor to size up your hair.

Use thinning scissors to control your hair volume and use a razor to give it a natural finish.

Best tools for cutting hair
tools for cutting hair /


Cutting your hair and keeping them in shape is a necessary task that everyone needs to do. While you can get away with not trimming your hair but you will face some problems if you do so.

We always seek professional help when cutting our hair. But with the proper tools and some experience, it is possible to get similar results at home.

Here, we tried to gather the best tools for cutting hair at home, mentioning such instruments that you can use by yourself too!

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